The Rules of the Order of the Horae

Those drawn to a monastic path, especially those seeking to come together in one House, will follow the Twelve Principles differently than the average person. Choosing monasticism means choosing a narrow path. These rules are the trellis on which we grow. Here each of the Principles is explained in greater depth, for those interested in becoming a member of the Order of the Horae.

1. I will maintain purity of body. (Iduna's Rule)
2. I will maintain simplicity in my possessions. (Hestia's Rule)
3. I will strive for clarity of words. (Agni's Rule)
4. I will strive to live sustainably on the Earth. (Gaea's Rule)
5. I will place no commitment of the heart above my commitment to this path. (Artemis's Rule)
6. I will commit only to honorable work. (Ogoun's Rule)
7. I will maintain clarity in all relationships. (Athena's Rule)
8. I will strive for purity in my sexuality. (Parvati's Rule)
9. I will sustain clarity of faith. (Odhinn's Rule)
10. I will submit humbly to honorable authority. (Prometheus's Rule)
11. I will maintain loyalty to the endurance of my Order. (Brigid's Rule)
12. I will strive always for mindfulness and clarity of soul. (Shiva's Rule)

Branch and Root members, who would live in a House, would be required to follow these principles absolutely. For lay members, the extent to which they follow each Rule is between them and the Gods. In fact, one of the reasons why someone might remain a lay member indefinitely might be an inability to follow one or more of the Rules completely....for example, a child that they could not abandon, or a marriage that they wanted to keep, or a homestead that they did not want to leave, or a "dishonorable" job that was required for survival of their dependents, and so forth. Lay members can request a teacher from a House, or they might merely follow the Rules on their own, as they choose.

In the course of crafting these principles, each was claimed by a specific deity. Any difficulties a practitioner has in understanding or keeping a certain principle can be taken to that deity directly. Your teachers and elders can provide invaluable guidance, but always strive to listen to the Gods.

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