Pagan Monasticism Survey for Barefoot on the Mother

Barefoot on the Mother is the working title for Raven Kaldera's book on pagan monasticism. He is looking for people who are on some kind of monastic path, or have otherwise dedicated their daily lives to the Gods. Pagan homesteaders, sacred prostitutes, traveling drum circles. Pagans or former pagans who have joined non-pagan monastic orders. If you would like to contribute or be interviewed, please fill out this survey and mail to

Pagan Monasticism Survey

Copy these questions into an email and fill in your responses.

(What you wish to be known by in the book.)

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Pagan Monasticism Questions

1. Please describe your tradition and your view of Paganism.

2. What does monasticism mean to you? Why does it draw you? What do you find of value in it?

3. Are you currently following what you consider to be a Pagan monastic path, or a monastic lifestyle in general?
Please describe it to us.

4. Have you ever been involved with the monastic paths of any other faiths? What was different?
What did you learn there that was useful and that is still incorporated into your path?

5. Many Pagans feel that monasticism is not appropriate for a Pagan faith, because "Paganism is not
about self-denial, that's for those other religions". What would you say to them to convince them otherwise?

6. Paganism is, without doubt, a religion that sees the body and its urges as sacred. How do
you work this into a monastic path?

7. As part of your monastic path, do you restrict any behaviors - what you may use, or do with
your body, or eat, or what work you may do? What does this do for you?

8. Anything else that we should know?

Optional Contact Information

For your writing to be quoted in the book, the publisher asks that all participants sign a release form with their legal name, signature and contact information. This information will not be used in the book, and will be kept private.

___ No, I will not give contact information. You may not use my words directly in your book, but you may refer to the content of my writing indirectly.
___ Yes, I will sign a release form. Please email me it to me and I will mail a paper copy back to you with my legal name and signature.
___ Yes, I will sign a release form. Please mail one to the following address, and I will mail it back to you with my legal name and signature.

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If you have any questions at all on this survey or the book, please do not hesitate to contact Raven Kaldera at

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