Calendar of the Sun
13 Eostremonath

Alfarblot: Alfheim Day

Colors: Multicolored light colors.
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of many colors place a chalice of mead, three candles of pale blue, many flowers, and many figures of elves and faeries.
Offerings: Singing.
Daily Meal: Milk. Salad with flowers upon it, if possible.

Alfheim Day Invocation

Hail to the Powers of the Alfar,
And all their fey cousins and kin!
Laughing sylphs that ride the winds,
Faery dancers laughing on the breeze,
Pixies in the morning's meadow,
Sprites that fly on gossamer wings,
Faery horses striking sparks from your hooves,
Dryads who safeguard the great trees,
Gnomes who mine the depths underground,
Elves of the forests walking silent trails,
Deep faeries of the hidden caves,
Water-fey of the secluded springs,
Dwellers from Under the Hill,
Bless us and our home this day!
Do us no mischief, see us no harm,
And we will listen to the rustling of the leaves,
The sound of breezes in the eaves,
The flowers nodding in the Sun,
And we shall hear your wisdom come!
Hail to the Powers of all that is Fey,
Bless us and our home this day!

Over the clouds
Under the hill
Light as the wind
Old as the stones
We will see your dancing
In the circle of time.

[Pagan Book of Hours]