Calendar of the Sun
27 Blutmonath

Forseti's Day

Colors: Red and White
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of white place eight red candles, a horn of mead, and a great axe.
Offerings: Provide mediation for those who are warring.
Daily Meal: Any food which has been obtained through fair means, with fair compensation to those who produced it.

Invocation to Forseti

Hail, Forseti, Lord of Justice,
Hand of Fairness of the Aesir.
Son of Baldur the Bright, Fallen Sun
And his faithful Nanna who followed him into death,
You stand quiet but strong on the fringes
Of the light and noise of your people.
You who are a warrior
And understand the nature of warriors,
Yet who steps between the warring parties
And finds the threads that lead to compromise.
You teach us that compromise need not be a betrayal,
But can indeed be a triumph.
You who father was slain,
Creating great rifts between the hearts of many,
Yet who demanded not vengeance or weregild
No matter how many voices cried for war,
Yet instead set yourself on a path of peace,
Until your words were seen as so just
That the Gods themselves would lay their grievances
Before you. Hail, Lord of the Great Axe
Who is not afraid to use the warrior's skill
To wage peace, and also to enforce it.
Teach us to see those with whom we quarrel
As honorable opponents worthy of our respect.
Teach us that a fair compromise,
Or better yet, a breakthrough in understanding,
Is a far better victory than one wrought of anger and blood.

(The mead is poured out as libation. Today is a day of mediation, and all can air their grievances for the rest of the hour, and on into the rest of the day, with Forseti's axe between them.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]