Calendar of the Moon
5 Muin/ Boedromion


Color: Black
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of black lay vases of dried flowers, a single black candle, and a wreath.
Offerings: Clean a cemetery.
Daily Meal: Fasting, till dawn.

Genesia Invocation

Hail to the forgotten Dead!
Hail to the ones buried with no memory,
In graves dug by the uncaring,
Few footprints at the graveside,
And those gone long ago.
Hail to the Dead who were not loved,
Not remembered, given no tribute,
No grave goods of tears and love,
No mourning and no regrets,
No smile and sigh many years passed,
Hail to the Dead who lived lives of solitude,
Alone and lonely, with none to watch them fall.
Hail to the Dead who never made a mark
On the cruel world that cast them aside.
We hail the lives of babes that were measured
In months, or days, or even in breaths.
We hail the lives of children taken too soon
From loving arms that could not beat back the dark.
Though we know not your names,
Though we know not your tales,
Though we know not where you may lie
Or what winds blow over your graves,
We hail you now, and may your spirits
Go on to lives more full of joy,
Or lie peaceful in the darkness
Of the Lady's eternal womb.

(All should sit silent about the altar for a period of time in silent meditation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]