Calendar of the Moon
21 Muin/Boedromion

Greater Mysteries Day 7: Plemokhoai

Colors: Gold and black
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of black and gold set a single white candle to burn, with incense of myrrh, and two round-bottomed jugs of water. Before the altar lay the Kistai, the round box of holy objects.
Offerings: Pork and grains.
Daily Meal: Pork and grains.

Mysteries Invocation VII: Plemokhoai Invocation

Hail to those who have come through the dark!
Blessed art thou on Earth who have seen
These mysteries with their own eyes!
Hail to those who have come forth with wisdom
And who no longer fear death and losses!
Let us return the sacred objects to their hiding place,
As Persephone is hidden underground for the next year,
But will always return!
Hail to that which falls, and rises again.
Hail to that which will always give us hope.
Hail to that which is the proof of sacredness.
Hail to the Gods;
May we see them in all things!

(All respond, "Hail to the Gods! May we see them in all things!" At least one new sacred item is added to the box, and it is held high and its story told. Then all seal up the Kistae again, process out of the room, and return it to its hiding place. Two carry the jugs of water, and they are taken outside and placed on the earth, and let fall so that one falls to the east and one to the west, and the flowing out of the water is read as an omen of the coming year and the losses to be had. Then other divination may be done, by any method, for the rest of Hesperis.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]