Calendar of the Sun
12 Halegmonath

Day of Ishtar and Tammuz

Colors: Purple and white
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of white and purple lay a flaming torch, a sheaf of grain, a chalice of milk, and the skins of many livestock animals.
Offerings: Grain and milk.
Daily Meal: Oatmeal or grain porridge with milk.

Invocation to Ishtar and Tammuz

I beseech thee, Lady of Ladies,
Goddess of Goddesses,
Ishtar, queen of all cities,
Leader of all men.
Thou art the light of the world,
Thou art the light of heaven.
At thy name the earth and the heavens shake,
And the gods they tremble;
The spirits of heaven tremble at thy name
And the men hold it in awe.
Where thou glancest the dead come to life,
And the sick rise and walk;
And the mind that is distressed is healed
When it looks upon thy face.
I beseech thee, Lord of the Herds,
Care for us as for one of your smallest calves,
Keeping us from the evils that lurk
At the place where the grass meets the forest.
Thou art the sea of grass,
Thou art the giving earth.
Thou art the sacrifice that lays itself down,
And we are grateful for all that is given.
When thy name is spoken we weep,
For we remember the scythe of mortality.
The spirits of heaven mourn thy passing,
And we pay our respects at the tomb
Of the winnowing basket.

(The milk is passed around, and the remainder poured out as a libation. The torch and grain are taken outside, and the grain burnt in the torch, and the ashes scattered in the garden.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]