Calendar of the Sun
12 Eostremonath

Jord's Day

Color: Green
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of the colors of the Earth place the figure of a pregnant woman, and also the figure of a woman made from the branches of trees, wearing a dress, and a chalice of mead.
Offerings: Clean some small part of the Earth.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian.

Invocation to Jord

Hail, Lady of the Dark Earth,
Fertile mother of the thunder,
Fertile mother of queens,
Fertile mother of many,
We reach out to you each spring
As the green begins its onslaught,
Wishing, asking for your blessing
On these our flocks and fields and lands.
May your touch bring new growth to our lives
As your touch makes the seeds to sprout.
May your touch bring fertility to our souls
As it brings fertility to our bodies.
May your touch nurture us into the future
As it has nurtured so many children.
Daughter of the night sky,
Dark as the turned earth;
Daughter of the deep well,
Reflecting stars in its depths,
Your thighs spill forth bounty
From between their dark cleft
Across the yearning land.

From the lap of Earth we rise
To the breast of Earth we fall
Into the Earth we descend
To follow the greening call
Mother, I hear your call
Mother, I hear your call
Mother, I hear your call

[Pagan Book of Hours]