Calendar of the Sun
14 Halegmonath

Day of Jupiter and Juno

Colors: Purple and blue
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth that resembles the sky, place seven purple candles, a sheaf of peacock feathers, twin goblets of wine, two crowns, and a lightning bolt cut out of tin.
Offerings: Wine.
Daily Meal: Any food, prepared with attention to its beauty and richness.

Invocation to Jupiter and Juno

Hail, Lord of the Sky,
Whose thunderbolt is heard across the night!
Hail, Lord of the Eagles,
Whose hand brings forth the fertilizing rains,
Whose mantle is the thunderclouds,
Whose sword is the lightning,
Whose brow is decorated with stars.
Hail, Great King, on the day you are the Bridegroom,
And come eagerly to the bed of your beloved,
And your bridal bed spreads itself
Across the miles of every horizon.
Hail, Lady of the Heights,
Whose word inspired man to greater tasks!
Hail, Juno, Queen of the Heavens,
Whose breasts pour forth the Milky Way,
Whose footprints stir the dust of the stars,
Whose robe is the sweep of the night sky,
Whose crown glints on the dark horizon.
Hail Great Queen, on the day you are the Bride,
And come willingly to the bed of your beloved,
And your lovemaking spreads itself
Across every cloud in the sky.
Hail, Jupiter and Juno, keepers of fortune,
May you find it in your hearts,
On this the day we remember your union,
To grant us joy in a long life
With clear eyes that see the morning light
And do not fear the dark.

(The wine is poured out as a libation, and the two crowns are borne around the room in procession, and then laid together in one bed for the day.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]