Calendar of the Sun
22 Haymonath

Day of the Lion: Beginning of Leo

Colors: Yellow and gold
Element: Fire
Altar: Set with cloth of gold, gilded suns and brass items, a figure of a lion, candles, a crown, a golden vessel of liqueur, and a glass pot of honey.
Offerings: Kneel in respect as for a King and give obeisance. Give a performance in order to bring joy to others.
Daily Meal: Food dyed golden with saffron or turmeric. Honey cakes. Yellow food, such as eggs or butter. Fowl such as peacock or pheasant.

Invocation to Leo

Great Golden King of Summer,
Bonfire whose warmth draws us near,
Sun whose light is the source of Life,
You who draw the trees upward in joy,
You who burn with radiance,
Whose gift is Will,
Bless us with the ability
To act on our joy,
And to bare our souls without fear.
By the power of all that rules,
You challenge us
To gain yet more confidence,
And yet never belittle another's spirit.
May we all go forth in assurance.

Sun Sun Sun
Radiant Golden
Sun Sun Sun
Ray of Light

(Let one who is chosen to work for the ritual come forth with the crown in one hand, and the chalice of liqueur in the other. S/he says, "Will you receive power, or joy, or both?" To accept the crown and don it for a moment is to ask to take on leadership. To accept the chalice and drink is to ask for more joy in one's life. If both are refused, s/he says, "As you have enough of both, you must give some away to others. Be ready!" Afterwards, the liqueur is poured out as a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]