Calendar of the Sun
26 Winterfyllith

Lilith's Day

Colors: Tan, brown, orange, the colors of the desert.
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth in desert colors set a figure of Lilith, a curved sword, a cup of wine, and a bullroarer.
Offerings: Face a truth you are uncomfortable with.
Daily Meal: Toasted flatbread and beans.

Lilith Invocation

Hail to the Goddess of the Scirocco!
Hail Lilith, who once lived in the huluppu tree
Between the dragon and the eagle,
Between earth and air, male and female,
Hairy Goddess of the dancing sandstorm,
Dark Maiden of the desert.
Hail Lilith who was also once the first wife of Adam,
Who refused submission and demanded independence,
And so it was granted; that you would be complete in yourself.
Hail to Her who refused to lie beneath,
Mother of incubi and succubi, mother of lusts,
Barren one who brings barrenness,
Even as the desert is barren.
You are come again like the scirocco,
Truth stripped of frippery, Sphinx of the cliffs,
Dancing in a dervish whirl,
Shapechanger who is sometimes part goat
And sometimes ass or taloned owl.
You are the bridge between the theories of the mind
And the truth of the body.
Challenge us, Lilith, with your harsh words
And your unforgiving truth.
We will dance with you
On the cutting edge of answers.

Lilitu Lilitu
We kneel for Lilitu

(The bullroarer is taken up and swung about, and while this is done all chant. At the end, the wine is poured out as a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]