Calendar of the Moon
22 Tinne/Hekatombaion

Day of Math and Mathonwy

Color: Grey
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a grey cloth put figures of wise elders, and a lit lantern.
Offering: Aid in the work of wise elders, in whatever way you can.
Daily Meal: Allow the elders of the House to choose ahead of time.

Invocation to Math and Mathonwy

Hail, Math, elder sorcerer,
Silver-haired in your knowledge,
Wise one who sees through illusion,
Fair one whose judgment is precise,
Being neither vengeful nor thoughtless,
But designed to teach the soul's lesson.
May you bless us with your wisdom,
Teaching us what it is we need to learn,
Even if that is hard and painful.
Hail, Mathonwy, Elder Sorceress,
Wise woman under the waning moon,
Gnarled fingers that coax healing,
Skilled hands that weave spells,
Skin like fine parchment on which is written
The lines of experience and insight.
See past our prevarications, wise elders!
See what it is that we have forgotten
Or that we have not yet learned,
And be ruthless with us.
Yet be also gentle,
For we are your future,
And the voices that will remember you
And carry your wisdom forward
Along the wheel of time.

(All present bow to the elders of the House. The oldest man and oldest woman should be seated in a chair in a place of honor, and be served until Hesperis that evening. Their feet should not touch the floor, but should be rested in the lap of some younger member of the House, as Math's feet were not allowed to touch the floor when he was doing magic. Footrubs are appropriate at this time. The elders should bestow their blessings on others; on this day they are lucky.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]