Calendar of the Sun
28 Solmonath

Matronalia - Day of Juno Lucina

Colors: White and purple
Element: Air
Altar: On a cloth of white and purple set ten white candles in a row, a silver chalice of white wine, and incense of flowers.
Offerings: Candles, placed around the altar.
Daily Meal: White breads. Pasta with white sauce.

Invocation to Juno Lucina

Hail, Queen of Light!
Within each of us,
Buried deep beneath
The everyday layers of Life,
The sweat and toil and cries,
Lies the spark of genius
That of old was called Juno.
You speak to us, O radiant queen,
From that small point of light
Deep in our souls
When all seems most grey.
May that light shine ever
Within us, and let us
Never fail to find that voice
Like a single jewel
In the palm of our hands.

Chant: Lucina Lucina Lumen Lumen

(All light votive candles and place them on the floor around the altar as they chant, and then the wine is poured out as a libation to Juno Lucina.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]