Calendar of the Sun
25 Halegmonath

Day of Mercury: Travel Blessing

Colors: Light blue
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a light blue cloth place a winged hat, a pair of winged sandals, an image of the caduceus, a cup of sparkling alcohol, and incense of lemongrass and mint.
Offerings: Help someone to travel on a journey.
Daily Meal: Food packed light as if for travel.

Mercury Invocation

Hail Mercury, Lord of the winged feet,
Swiftest in flight, messenger of Olympus,
Psychopomp whose feet are the only ones
Who may tread from the sky to the underworld
And back with no fear of being caught.
Hail Mercury who watches over us
Whenever we leave our homes, whose hands
Keep us safe in our own flights.
Hail Mercury, Lord of speed,
Who sends our letters on their way
Like an arrow shot to the perfect goal.
Hail Mercury, without whom no one
Could leave the circle of their hearth without fear,
Without whom no words would pass from far to near,
Hail Mercury, winged one without peer.
We ask now that you bless us in all our travels,
In all our going forth and coming back,
That all our paths be welcome ones,
And that they all lead finally back to our door.

Argentum Vivum
Clipeus Ornatus
Argentum Signatum
Mercurius Argenteus
Tege Tege Tege

(The alcohol is poured out as a libation, and each person is touched with the caduceus in turn as a blessing from Mercury.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]