Calendar of the Sun
24 Weodmonath

Opening of the Mundus Cereris

Color: Black
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a black cloth lay the stone from the top of the Mundus Cereris, the pit of Ceres, a stone-lined pit in the garden. Around it place baskets of offerings.
Offerings: Samples of the harvest fruits. Coins. Wishes written on paper. Food and drink is laid outside for the wandering spirits.
Daily Meal: Pork and vegetables.

Mundus Cereris Invocation

Great Mother Ceres,
Lady of the earth below us,
Mother whose hands bring forth
All that is grown to the benefit of mankind,
We open the door to your world
And give your our humble offering,
Even though your door goes both ways,
And the spirits of the wild,
Those banished from our garden,
May now wander freely through our home.
On this day, we welcome those spirits!
May they take part in the hospitality
That we would give to any traveler!
Bless our labors, Mother Ceres,
On this day that your door is open.
Let the Ostium Orci be revealed!
Let the ghosts come through!
For this we risk in order to gain your blessing.
We open your door and gaze within.
We open your door and remember.
We open your door
And give you the honor that you deserve.

Chant: Ceres Ceres Mundus Cereris
Ostium Orci Lapis Manalis

(All shall process with the great stone and the baskets of fruits to the open hole. Each shall kneel and gaze within, and say nothing of what they see. Then the offerings are laid within. As the stone was removed at dawn, so it will be replaced the next dawn.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]