Calendar of the Sun
19 Haymonath

Opet: Day of the Marriage of Isis and Osiris

Colors: Gold, blue, and red.
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of gold, blue, and red, much decorated with Egyptian symbols, place incense of frankincense, a chalice of beer, wreaths of flowers, and two great statues of Isis and Osiris. These are borne into the chapel in a procession, with all present clanging rhythm instruments.
Offerings: Beer. Grain. Flowers.
Daily Meal: Beer. Egyptian food - flatbreads and lentils, figs, dates, beef.

Invocation for the Wedding of Isis and Osiris

Hail Osiris, Green Man Below!
Hail Isis, Winged Mother!
When you two came to the marriage bed,
Love was great between you,
Yet more than love was created!
You taught the people to plow the land,
And to sow new seeds, and breed their animals fine.
Hail Osiris, Crowned King with Crook and Flail!
Hail Isis, Queen and Throne!
You taught the people of crafts and skill,
To make beautiful things and dream greater ones.
Hail Osiris, Beloved One!
Hail Isis, Lady of the Knotted Girdle!
You taught the people of marriage,
Of the power of two coming together,
By your own divine example.
Hail Osiris, Lord of the Dead!
Hail Isis, Mourning Mother of Horus!
You taught the people of a love
That lasts beyond death and destruction,
A love strong enough to change the world.
Bless us, Royal King and Queen,
And may we strive to your example:
That by our relationships with the divine
Outside us and in each other,
We may change the world itself.

(The statues are reverenced, and laid together in a bed draped in white, and sprinkled with petals and wine. They will be left there until the hour of Arktos, when they will be removed again.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]