Calendar of the Sun
17 Lithemonath

Day of Orpheus

Color: Blue
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a blue cloth place musical instruments, mint tea, incense of mint and lemon balm, a clear vessel of water, and a knife.
Offerings: Sing!
Daily Meal: Meat. Fruit juice. Lentils. Barley.

Invocation to Orpheus

Hail, singer of the sweet voice!
Hail, braver of the gates of Hades!
Hail, bravery and sorrow!
We stand with you on your wedding day,
For we too have had great hopes.
We stand with you as you mourn your lost bride,
For we too have had great losses.
We walk with you as you storm the underworld
With only the weapon of your song,
For we too have stood against great odds
With only the gifts we were given by the Gods.
We stand with you as you plead your case
Before the Gods of the Dead, stern and implacable,
For we too have argued with Fate
And asked for a second chance.
We walk with you from the underworld,
And here, too, we are with you,
As you look back for your beloved
To make sure that the bargain was true
Even though you were warned to look forward
And trust that Death would keep his word,
And we watch in anguish with you as Eurydice
Is pulled back into the realm of Death
For your lack of trusting, for have we not
Also mistrusted and lost love for it?
We die with you as you are torn to pieces
By Maenads, for we too understand
That sometimes one must die to one's old life
To trust to a new one. Hail Orpheus!
May we forever harmonize to your sacred voice.
(Sing! Any songs or chants are appropriate. Singing should go on for some time today.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]