Calendar of the Sun
27 Weodmonath


Color: Flesh
Elements: Fire and Earth
Altar: Upon a cloth the color of rosy flesh, place seven phallus-shaped candles of different colors, a tall glass of frothy white liquid, and many carved and shaped phalluses of many different materials, sizes and colors. There should be as many as there are people in the House. Have also baskets of phallus-shaped breads and pastries.
Offering: Take a phallus with you to bed, and sleep with it, warming it with your body.
Daily Meal: Phallic foods - long breads and pastries, long root vegetables, sausages.

Phallogia Invocation

As the trees stretch toward the Sun,
As the leaves burst forth on the branch,
As the grass thrusts to the sky,
As the pod explodes its seeds,
As the stamen lifts its pollen,
As the bird leaps for the heavens,
As the mountains heave toward the clouds,
As the lightning strikes the ocean,
As the wave swells forth toward the shore,
As the wind penetrates our lungs,
We honor today the leaping forth
Of the male principle,
And its symbol carved in flesh
And in many other places.
Hail, Priapus, Giver of Fertility,
Source of the Seeds of Life.
May we all share your boundless enthusiasm,
Your untamed vigor,
And your ecstasy as you wither and fall.

(Each should approach the altar and select one of the phalluses, which should then be taken to their bed and tucked in. Tonight, each will sleep with the phallus, warming it with their bodies, and they shall be returned to the altar the following morning upon sunrise.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]