Calendar of the Sun
19 Solmonath

Day of the Fish: Beginning of Pisces

Colors: Deep ocean blues and blue-greens
Element: Water
Altar: Set with cloths of sea colors, shells, pearls, the figures of fishes, a chalice of water, rolls of bandages, a pot of salve, and a scrying ball.
Offerings: Shells. Salt water. Aid and give help unselfishly to someone in need, especially someone whom you feel is not deserving of it.
Daily Meal: Fish. Seafood. Seaweed.

Invocation to Pisces

Glimmer in the deepest waters,
Dweller in water salt as tears,
Sacrificed and sacrificing,
Neptune's elusive child
Bathed in obscuring mystery,
Whose gift is Faith,
Bless us with the ability
To step beyond ourselves
And learn compassion
For all beings.
By the power of all believing,
You challenge us
To remember always
That we are part of a destiny
Much greater than ourselves,
One in the Many
And Many in the One.
May we go forth
Always in hope.

Born of water, cleansing, powerful, flowing, healing, we are....

(Let one who is chosen to do the work of the ritual walk about with the chalice of water and bless each person on the head with the waters of Pisces. Then let them walk about with the pot of salve and ask, "Dost thy heart need healing?" If the answer is no, let them bow to each other, and the bearer say, "Then have thou compassion for those who do." If the answer is yes, s/he will rub a bit of the salve on the person's heart chakra, and say, "By the grace of the Gods, may thou be healed." Then the water is poured out as a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]