Calendar of the Moon
5 Ruis/Poseideion

Plerosia: Honoring Zeus

Color: Purple
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a purple cloth set two torches, a sword, a chalice of Greek wine, a mash of barley, and the figure of an eagle.
Offerings: Barley. Wine. Gold coins.
Daily Meal: Poultry. Barley. Flatbread.

Plerosia Invocation

Most glorious of the Immortals,
Zeus that governest all things with law.
Hail! For lawful it is that all mortals should address Thee.
For we are Thy offspring, taking the image only of Thy voice,
As many mortal things as live and move upon the earth.
Therefore we shall sing Thy might forever.
Such a minister hast Thou in Thine invincible hands;
The two-edged blazing, imperishable thunderbolt.
For under its stroke all Nature shuddereth,
And by it thou guidest aright the Universal Reason,
That roams through all things,
Mingling itself with the greater and the lesser lights.
Thou knowest even to find a place for the small things,
And to order that which is disorderly,
And things forgotten of men are dear to Thee.
O Zeus, Dweller in the darkness of cloud,
Lord of thunder, save men from their unhappy folly,
So that being honored, they may pay Thee honor,
Singing Thy works continually.
Since there can be no greater glory for men of Gods than this,
Duly to praise forever the Universal Law.
Call: O Great Zeus, Lord of Olympos, we call you!
Response: O Great Zeus, Lord of Olympos, hear us!
Call: We hear your thunderbolt, and we are in awe!
Response: We hear your call, and we rise to our feet!
Call: Oi Theoi, genoisthe apotropoi kakon!
May the Gods turn away all evils!
Response: Oi Theoi, genoisthe apotropoi kakon!
May the Gods turn away all evils!

Chant: Lightning strikes, Thunder falls, Open me to the wind and the Fire...

[Pagan Book of Hours]