Calendar of the Sun
7 Hrethemonath

Psyche's Day

Colors: Pastels
Element: Water
Altar: On cloth of shimmering pale colors place two white candles, a crystal bowl of water, a chalice of wine, a bell, and the figure of a maiden.
Offerings: Votive candles. Undertake a difficult quest for the sake of love.
Daily Meal: Pastries with fillings of any kind; the idea is to have things hidden in other things.

Invocation to Psyche

Deep within every soul
Is the longing for Love,
Yet Love is often cruel to that soul.
Love must not keep the soul in darkness,
Living only by Love's rules,
Nor hide its face behind many masks,
For soon or late the night will come
Of reckoning, light, and betrayal.
The soul is willing to toil for Love,
Sorting through its hopes and fears.
The soul is willing to brave danger for Love,
Gleaning what it can from anger's leftovers.
The soul is willing to seek far and high for Love,
Diving from impossible cliffs.
The soul is willing to go into darkness for Love,
Yet it must be given the right to refuse
And it must be appreciated in its own right,
As the divine gift
That it is.

Love to soul,
Soul to darkness,
Darkness fades to light.
Soul to love,
Love to morning,
Sun gives way to night.

(All go forward and set lit candles about the altar in a circle, and then process out.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]