Calendar of the Moon
24 Coll/Metageitnion

Rhiannon's Day

Color: White
Elements: Air and Fire
Altar: Upon cloth of white place many figures of horses, five white candles, a cup of red wine and a cup of white wine.
Offerings: Willingly take on burdens.
Daily Meal: Oats, apples, carrots, honey.

Invocation to Rhiannon

(One steps forward, pours out the white wine as a libation, and says:)

Hail Rhiannon, Lady of the White Horse!
Hail Rhiannon, wife of Pwyll,
Headstrong and proud, you teach us
That nothing is impossible if we believe.
Hail Rhiannon, wife of Manannan,
Older and wiser, you teach us
To seek wisdom as well as courage.
Hail Rhiannon, Lady of Inspiration,
Fiery and passionate, you teach us
That in order to gain one's dreams
One need not compromise one's soul.

(One steps forward, pours out the red wine as libation, and says:)

Pounding hoofbeats
Striking sparks
Breath snorts from nostrils
Wind through the mane;
Lady of horses,
Slow for my call.
Seeker of the horizon,
Show me the road.
Bearer of burdens,
Carry me gently.
Aid me in
My race to the goal.

Song: Horse Goddess

[Pagan Book of Hours]