Calendar of the Sun
29 Haymonath

Susanoo's Day

Colors: Blue and grey
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of swirling blues and greys place incense, a great Japanese fan, a bottle of sake, and a gong. At the start and end of the ritual, the gong is rung.
Offering: Clean up a mess.
Daily Meal: Noodles.

Invocation to Susanoo

Hai! God of the storm,
Upheaval in the sky,
Chaos that hails down
As if there will never be peace again,
You who scorn the quiet
And glory in the sound of strife,
You live in all of us.
Wind of action that pushes us to move,
Wind of change that bewilders us,
Wind of destruction that tears us apart.
The side that would strive for betterment,
Throwing its might behind that which must be done,
Or the side that wants to destroy
Whatever will not let us in.
We dare not scorn you, Lord
Of violence and breaking cloud
For when we do we blind our ears
To one of your sides
And to ours.

Spirit of the wind, carry me,
Spirit of the wind, carry me home,
Spirit of the wind, carry me home to myself.

(The sake is poured out as a libation. To honor Susanoo, all who are able must dance. Those who cannot dance should sing and chant. When the gong is rung, everyone can stop dancing and leave.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]