Calendar of the Sun
24 Blutmonath

Vainamoinen's Day

Colors: Blue and orange
Element: Fire
Altar: On a blue cloth lay the figure of a ship, a sword, and three orange candles. Lean a shaman's staff up against the altar.
Offerings: Pictures from faraway lands. Explore a new area of knowledge, especially from another culture.
Daily Meal: Traveler's food, done up in separate packages, to be eaten as one walks the bounds of the property.

Invocation to Vainamoinen

Thirty years in your mother's womb,
Born already old before your time,
Walker, wanderer, adventurer,
Doomed never to be at home,
Solitary one who failed
Even to gain a mate to ease
Loneliness, you beckon to us
And tell us of far horizons
Outside and inside both.
Keeper of Words of Power,
Knower of the True Names of things,
Old man who walks in unknown places
With your wizard's staff ,
Great boots and a battered hat,
Shrewd one, banished for your
Prophecy of truth that would
One day rend the world
Yet even you could not impede,
Maker of ships, maker of magic,
Stauncher of blood and pain,
Make sure that we never become
So comfortable in our patterns
That we forget the wide, wide world outside.

Song: Vainamoinen's Song

(Each person approaches the altar in turn, takes the shaman's staff in hand, and walks in a circle around the room, returning the staff to the altar. It must not be passed hand to hand. Then each leaves to be alone with themselves; work through Akte and Elekte is done alone.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]