Calendar of the Sun
24 Halegmonath

Yemaya's Day

Colors: Blue and silver
Element: Water
Altar: Upon cloth of blue place strings of silver stars, seven blue candles, a bowl of rice, a bowl of blue corn meal, a bowl of salt water, a bowl of sea salt, and many shells.
Offerings: The food should be taken, if possible, to an ocean shore and left for the tides to take it away. If this is not possible, it should be dissolved in salt water and given back to the earth.
Daily Meal: Fish and seafood.

Invocation to Yemaya

Ocean Mother
Whose blood runs with the tides
Whose pulse is the turning of the moon
Beating like a great white drum
Whose soul is a white bird flying
Over the waves
Into the moonlight
Whose children are everywhere
Whose love is neverending
Whose sacrifice is awesome
And from whose embrace we once
Crawled long ago.
Ocean Mother who sacrifices for her children
Even to the point of pain,
But who requires that we do the same for our own,
Teach us, Yemaya, what it is
To love more than we can understand.
Ocean Mother,
May we never take for granted
Your pulse
Within our veins.

(The salt water is passed around, and all anoint themselves with it.)

Chant: Yemaya Yemaya
Tides turn on the shore
Yemaya Yemaya
White seagull soars
Yemaya Yemaya
Moon Moon Yemaya

[Pagan Book of Hours]